Glossary /ˈɡläsərē/

  • Efficacy

    the ability to produce a desired or intended result

  • Influencer

    user who has relevance, reach and resonance on a specific topic or issue

  • KPI

    Key Performance Indicator

  • Narrative Framework

    the overarching story that helps to provide structure and consistency for all of the individual stories your organization will tell

  • People Served

    the beneficiaries, end users, clients, customers or people your organization serves

  • Storytelling Objectives

    outlining the ways you will plan to motivate and mobilize audiences to support your specific cause

  • Supporters

    the people who play a role in advancing your cause

  • Trend

    popular topics and hashtags that are being talked about on a platform

  • Upload

    a transfer of data from an electronic device to another location or platform

  • Virality

    the tendency of an image, video or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely at large scale

  • Blogging

    • Blog

      a term used to describe websites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information

    • Content Management System (CMS)

      a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website

    • HTML

      Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on web pages

    • Open-source

      a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge

    • Plugin

      a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software application that helps with customization

    • Post or entry

      an article published on a blog

    • Python

      a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language

    • Search Engine optimization (SEO)

      a process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results

  • Email

    • Email

      messages distributed by electronic means from one user to one or more recipients via a network

    • Newsletter

      a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers

  • Facebook

    • Boost

      a paid service by Facebook to place your content in News Feeds, increasing the likelihood that your audience will see them

    • Friend

      another user with whom you have connected, called “adding as a Friend” or “friending”; when you add a user as a Friend, your News Feed automatically follows their activities on Facebook and vice versa

    • Individual Profile or Personal Profile

      for personal, non-commercial use to represent individual people; you can connect with other users to follow their updates

    • Like Page

      allows a Page’s activities and stories to appear on your News Feed

    • Like Post

      liked Post may be displayed on your Friends’ News Feeds

    • Message

      personal messages sent from one Facebook user to another do not appear in public for anyone else to read

    • News Feed

      an ongoing list of updates on your homepage that displays new Posts from your Friends and Pages you Like and follow

    • Timeline

      a chronological list of your Posts and the comments, Likes, or shares from Followers or Friends on your Page or Profile; as an organization’s Page, your Timeline will be visible to everyone

  • Google+

    • Circles

      categories to organize users, circles act like filters for posting content

    • Communities

      groups created by brands or individuals to spark conversations and share information about specific topics

    • Hangout

      a video chat with up to 10 people at one time

    • Hangout on Air (HOA)

      a Hangout that is “broadcasted” (on air), and can be watched both live on your Google Plus Page or YouTube page or viewed after the Hangout ends

    • Page

      a Google+ Page is created by a business or a brand and is similar to a Profile

    • plus 1

      allows users to indicate they appreciated shared content

    • Stream

      shows the stream of content posted from others in your circles

  • Instagram

    • Followers

      a user who has chosen to see your content on their home page

    • Post

      a user action to share content with all your Followers or directly with an individual Follower

  • LinkedIn

    • Comment

      a reply or feedback in response to posted or shared stories

    • Company Page

      a page created by organizations or businesses to share information about their company and post updates

    • Connections

      members who have accepted invitations to connect are connections, connections can view profiles and networks of one another

    • Groups

      serve as discussion forums on LinkedIn between group members

    • Like

      a user action that shows appreciation

    • Mention

      a user can mention another user or company by adding @ before their user name

    • Profile

      for personal use to represent individual people

    • Sponsored stories

      paid advertising to promote content

  • Medium

    • Collections

      special pages where a user can curate content from different authors, usually about a specific topic or subject

    • External Sharing

      a user action to share stories directly on Twitter, Facebook or email

    • Notes

      comments by users on specific paragraphs within a story by clicking a small button in the sidebar

    • Recommend

      when a user shares a story with their followers

  • Pinterest

    • Boards

      collections of Pins, usually with a common theme

    • Follow

      subscribe to a user’s board by clicking the “Follow” button at the bottom of a specific board or click the “Follow all” button under a user’s profile name to subscribe to all their Pins

    • Pins

      images that are added to a Pinterest account

    • Repin

      copy a Pin from another user to a different board

  • Storify

    • Like or heart button

      allows users to indicate they appreciated shared content

    • Share

      allows other users to share content on their social media accounts

  • Tumblr

    • Ask Box

      allows anyone to ask questions on a Tumblr blog. All questions go straight into the user’s Inbox

    • Bookmarklet

      a tool that allows you to post directly from any browser directly to your blog (see

    • Dashboard

      a syndicated feed of blogs users follow on their Tumblr account, updated in real time

    • Microblog

      a social media site to which a user makes short, frequent posts

    • Re-blog

      a function unique to Tumblr in which any blogger can re-post another blogger’s post onto their own blog, while maintaining attribution, helping to spreading the content across the network

    • Reply

      when a user responds to a post by clicking the Reply button

    • Tag

      a way to organize posts by labeling them with any relevant identifying word or phrase, tags provide a way to search content on Tumblr

    • Themes

      the design of your web-facing blog (see

  • Twitter

    • Direct Message (DM)

      personal messages sent from one Twitter account to another that do not appear in public for anyone else to read; DMs can only be sent to a person who follows you

    • Handle or “Twitter Handle”

      the username they have selected and the accompanying URL, for instance:

    • List

      a curated group of Twitter users used to organize and easily find Tweets by users with similar interests or mission; you can create your own Lists or subscribe to Lists created by others

    • Retweet (RT)

      a re-posting of someone else's Tweet from your account; the Tweet appears in your Feed via the original poster

    • Tweet

      any message posted to Twitter; all are required to be 140 characters or less

  • Vine

    • Explore

      a list of different categories of Vine videos where users can discover content

    • Hashtag

      a word or phrase prefixed with a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic, used as a navigation tool on Vine

    • Like or Smiley Face

      a user action that shows appreciation for a Vine

    • Re-vine

      a re-posting of someone else's Vine from a user’s account

    • Vine

      a six-second long video on Vine

  • YouTube

    • Annotation

      an overlay on videos that allows you to place text over a video, including clickable links; you can add, edit and delete annotations to your videos, controlling the text, placement, timing and link URLs

    • Channel

      the public page for a user account on YouTube, containing uploaded videos, playlists, liked videos, Favorite videos, channel comments and general activity

    • Favorite

      a user action that adds a video to their channel’s Favorites playlist; users can also save the video and watch it later

    • Subscribe

      a user action (called “subscribing to a channel”) that allows users to see a channel’s activity in their home page feed

    • Views

      the number of times a video has been watched