Replay: The Science of Story Building

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While we know a great deal about why stories work, we don’t focus enough about what makes one story more compelling and effective than another. This fall, with support from the Knight Foundation, the University of Florida brought together 20 scholars from around the world to share their research about what makes one story more memorable, sharable, and inspiring than another.

These sessions were hosted by people who tell stories for a living—representatives from NPR, Fusion, and one of the world’s foremost environmental journalists. In this webinar, we show participants how to apply these insights to their own work, and tell stories that reflect the best of what science teaches us.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use the best of what we know from science to construct stories that are compelling, persuasive and memorable
  • How to construct narratives that create space for audiences to see their own values reflected
  • Where to find new insights that can inform effective story building