Character, Storytelling & The Science of Engineering Empathy

Webinar replay with playwright, director, and actor Jessica Blank.

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Jessica Blank is a playwright, director, and actor who teaches at Juilliard in her spare time. Her work with The Innocence Project prompted her to co-author The Exonerated, an award-winning documentary play and film based on interviews with more than 40 exonerated death row inmates. She has mastered the science of building empathy through strategic storytelling and character development.

In this Communications Network webinar, she shares how to select and develop the real-world characters who appear in your organization’s stories.

You’ll learn:

  • How to effectively select the people who populate your organization’s stories; 
  • More about the science and structure that underlies all effective storytelling; 
  • Insights into how to use story’s power to trigger empathic identification in ways that create tangible and predictable emotional impact.