Key Lesson Establishing the Basics

Before we talk about a specific campaign or an individual story, let’s talk about the big picture. Stories can raise awareness about a cause, and motivate people to take actions that advance your cause. This all starts with defining your organization’s storytelling goals.

As you identify your goals, we will make recommendations about tools, content and logical next steps for building your storytelling strategy.

2. Which of these subjects does your organization work with?

Select all that apply

3. How large is your organization?

Select one

4. Which term best describes your organization?

Select one

5. What do you hope storytelling will help your organization achieve?

Select all that apply

Let's keep working!

Once you answer these questions, we will be able to provide customized recommendations about tools and contents for your storytelling strategy.

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Great Job!

Now that you've answered these questions about your organization, we can provide customized recommendations about tools and contents for your storytelling strategy.

Next up: Problems, Solutions and CTA

Your Narrative Framework


People you serve:

Your supporters:

The most important way this group can help you advance your cause:

The geographic makeup of your supporters:

Long-Term Goals



Call to Action

Further reading, based on your answers.

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