Recruit Volunteers on LinkedIn

Catchafire used LinkedIn to promote volunteer opportunities to a national network of professionals with valuable skills to share.

One of the best ways to recruit volunteers for your organization is to tell stories of volunteers who had positive, meaningful experiences working with you. LinkedIn is a good platform for showcasing stories to attract volunteers with professional skills.

Catchafire connects people with professional skills to nonprofit organizations in need of their expertise. The online service acts much like a dating website, matching social impact organizations with volunteers.

The organization wanted to promote its volunteer opportunities to a broader audience of people with valuable skills to offer, and streamline its application process so it would be easier for busy professionals to become members.

Catchafire’s postings on the LinkedIn for Volunteers site exposed its volunteer opportunities to 260 million LinkedIn members. The volunteer posts also appeared in personalized job listings for people with relevant skills who were interested in volunteer work.

Catchafire connected its website to LinkedIn, allowing new users to auto-populate a bio showing their professional and volunteer experience, using information from their LinkedIn profiles.