A Guide to Measuring Impact With Third Party Tools

If you are using social media platforms that don’t have native analytics tools, you can consider using third-party tools for tracking and monitoring metrics.

Some popular third-party analytics tools include:

How often should I evaluate social media metrics?

Routinely evaluating your strategies will help identify what is working and what requires adjusting to optimize KPIs. Depending on the capacity of your organization, goals and benchmarks can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reports.

What should I do with the metrics I’ve tracked and collected?

Use this data to optimize your content. As a rule of thumb, take the content that has gotten the most traction and give preference to similar content as you build your editorial calendar. Don’t abandon stories that haven’t received as much attention as you’d like. Change the way you share them. Avoid changing your entire plan at once or focusing on individual elements. For example, try a different platform, release time or type of story and observe the results. Using online metrics to evaluate your digital content will enable you to develop a strong digital storytelling strategy.