A Guide to Measuring Impact on Instagram

What online actions do you want your audience to take on Instagram?

When a user Follows your account, your reach increases.

  • Follow. Increase reach. Users can show appreciation for your stories by clicking on the Like button. They can also leave feedback and messages through Comments. These actions are valuable for measuring and evaluating the feelings your stories evoke.
  • Like. Increase engagement.
  • Comment. Increase engagement.

Tagging influencers or the subject(s) of your photos can draw attention to your content and help personalize it. Similarly if you are tagged by other users, it will increase your reach as you will be visible to their Followers.

Instagram is hashtag driven. Using popular hashtags and creating compelling hashtags will help users find your stories easily. Users can also follow specific hashtags, much like following a specific user.

  • Hashtag. Increase reach and help navigate and track content.
  • Tag. Increase reach.

How can I measure Instagram interactions?

Instagram doesn’t include a native analytics feature. The most convenient option is to use one of the many free third-party analytics tools for Instagram such as Iconogram, SimplyMeasured, or Followers+ for Instagram (iOS and Android application). You can track some metrics via Facebook since Instagram is owned by the platform.

Third-Party Applications for Instagram

On most third-party applications, you will have access to these top-level metrics: growth monitoring (Followers and Following), Post engagement (Likes and Comments), Hashtag clouds and optimization tips.

There may also be in-depth details, including: top-performing filters and photo tags, best days and time for engagement, top photos based on total engagements and most active commenters.